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Decibel outdoor 2019

camping category
These are special reserved kamping spots and suited for groups. You will get an assigned spot in advance and will have your own electricity point. There are also a few spots available for mobile camping vehicles
  • Group camping spot for campers, caravans & folders (8p, incl. electricity, 100m2)
  • Friends fields (6-12p, incl. electricity) 
  • FestiTent (1-2p)
  • The Energizer / The Power - up (1-2p)
  • Festipi (1-2p)
Hotels sold out
Want to go hard at Decibel and sleep in a comfortable hotel? Choose one of our Hotel Packages.

  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 night(s) in a hotel 
  • Decibel Saturday or Weekend Ticket (Premium optioneel)
  • Free transfers to/from het festival site
  • Free late check-out
Sold out Lodge Safari Resort
NEW Safari Resort Beekse Bergen:
The Safari resort opened its doors in April 2018. All the accommodations in the Safari resort are brand new and you have the choice of:
  • Lodge for  (6p)
  • Lodge Plus for (8p)
  • Tree house (6p)
  • Group Lodge for (14p)
Sold out Tent Category
  • Bungalowtent (6p)
  • Safaritent (4p)
  • Safaritent Springbok (5p)
  • Big Five Safaritent (6p) 
  • Safaritent Stanley (6p)
  • Safaritent Livingstone (8p)
Safari Tent Safari Resort sold out
NEW Safari Resort Beekse Bergen:
At the new Safari resort they have Safari tents, suitable for 6 or 8 people! These Safari tents are equipped with all kinds of facilities that make your Decibel weekend as comfortable as possible.
  • Safaritent (6p)
  • Safaritent Plus (8p)
Sold out cabin category
The Log cabin is a simple but cozy accommodation, suited for four persons.
  • Log cabin (4p)

Sold out chalet category
There are different types of chalets, for 4 and 6 persons. These are fully equipped mobile homes.
  • Chalet (4p)
  • Chalet Plus (4p)
  • Chalet Avant/Vista (4p) 
  • Chalet Avant/Vista/Azure (6p)

Sold out bungalow category
You can book several bungalows if you don’t like camping. The Jungalow is a unique, free-standing, fully equipped bungalow from around 52m2. There are different types and there is also a wider variant from 70m2.
  • Jungalow Zebra & Giraf (6p)
  • Jungalow Luipaard (6p)
  • Jungalow Luipaard Plus (6p)
  • Group jungalow (16p)