Informazioni su Q-Dance Travel

Turn your Q-dance experience in to the best you’ve ever had!
By booking an arrangement at Q-dance Travel, you’ll assure yourself of an entrance ticket and an included package of accommodation, transfer and any extra’s you desire. Q-dance Travel is part of Q-dance. It’s the only official channel selling these arrangements, assuring you of an official entrance ticket. Nowadays, there are many organizations selling Q-dance event tickets through different channels, but please bear in mind that you can always risk buying a non-official ticket. To avoid disappointments when entering one of our events, we therefore advise buying only tickets through or Q-dance Travel. By booking an arrangement through Q-dance Travel, it’s easy to make the right choice of accommodation, and you are ensured of a nice weekend with other Q-dance guests, making the overall experience of the weekend even better. Q-dance Travel first decided to offer fully arranged packages for our international guests. Since the expansion of our events, booking an arrangement became interesting for our Dutch guests as well. We’ve tried to give you some of the best accommodation possibilities. Hopefully you like them :) For questions concerning larger groups and possible special wishes, we ask you to mail your inquiries to
We are sure we’ve made the right choices again, and we hope to welcome even more guests as in earlier years.
If you happen to have any remarks or questions on our arrangements or service, we hope you will contact us, so we can work with them! Please mail us at The Q-dance Travel Team